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[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 158
Compute! Issue 158 - November 1993. 18 practical hints and tips for DTP work (Compute's Getting Started With: Desktop Publishing) - A Place for My Stuff (database application development software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - ALR Evolution IV MPC (Advanced Logic Research Evolution IV Multimedia Personal Computer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Battle Chess 4000 (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - Build-in Windows power tools (Microsoft Windows advanced features) (Evaluation) -...
Keywords: software; program; disk; sound; compute; windows; fax; compute november; hard drive; sound card; hard disk; sound effects; sound blaster; tax edge
Downloads: 5,933
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 06 Number 08 - Smalltalk
Features p.14 introducing the Smalltalk-80 System [author Adele Goldberg] A readers' guide to the Smalltalk articles in this issue. p.36 The Smalltalk-80 System [author the Xerox Learning Research Group] How message-sending objects are used in the Smalltalk-80 system. p.50 Build a Z8-Based Control Computer with BASIC, Part 2 [author Steve Ciarcia] Steve continues his description of the Z8-BASIC Microcomputer and suggests two applications...
Keywords: disk; software; computer; byte; system; apple; data; systems; byte publications; double density; byte august; power supply; floppy disk; hard disk; instance variable; north star; residents add; variable names
Downloads: 5,101
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 159
Compute! Issue 159 - December 1993. 50 great multimedia gift ideas (Multimedia PC) (Buyers Guide) (Column) - An end user's look at OS/2 2.1 (Personal Productivity) (Column) - Are they really learning? (software for children) (Compute's Getting Started With: Kids & Computers) - Ares 486-33DX (microcomputer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Axonix LapStation IV (expansion and docking station for laptop computers) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Beta games (Gameplay) (Column) (Buyers Guide) - Betr...
Keywords: erm; software; compute; windows; disk; program; compute december; hard drive; sound blaster; visual basic; gazette disk; desktop publishing; test lab
Downloads: 5,036
[texts]Reference Series Volume 9 Issue 5 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 4,512
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 157
Compute! Issue 157 - October 1993. Are we having fun, yet? (multimedia applications) (includes related article on previously reviewed multimedia applications) (Software Review) (Compute's Getting Started With: Multimedia Applications) (Evaluation) - Becoming a help power user (Windows Help application) (Windows Workshop) - Breathing room (managing hard disk space) - Burning rubber (driving simulation computer games) (Evaluation) - Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space (computer simulation game) (Evaluat...
Keywords: disk; program; software; compute; windows; file; computer; compute october; hard disk; radio fence; test lab; hard drive; free catalog; disk drive
Downloads: 4,237
[texts]Reference Series Volume 10 Issue 2 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 4,037
[texts]The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology

Keywords: control; proc; erm; cubic; commodore; bbs; data; users; screen; basic; work area; cubic feet; users group; memory map; cubic inches; address bus; cubic feel; bus bit; bbs ibm; hex dec
Downloads: 3,964
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2011-12 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: web; digit; android; gaming; mobile; asus; build quality; google; december; zerol; zerol winner; worthy mentions; intel core; open source; graphics card; samsung galaxy; media players; angry birds
Downloads: 3,855
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine December 1981

Keywords: program; disk; model; data; computer; iii; basic; software; programs; print; model iii; radio shack; machine language; program listing; color computer; disk drive; power supply; operating system; double density; basic program
Downloads: 3,629
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 20 Number 09: 20 Years
Byte Magazine Volume 20 Issue 09: 20 Years
Keywords: software; windows; data; byte; fax; computer; pentium; color; hard drive; byte september; dual scan; floppy drive; warp connect; raid array; computer systems
Downloads: 3,428
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2009-06 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 3,357
[texts]Compute! Gazette Issue 59
Compute! Gazette Volume 6 Number 5. All Together Now! Networking the Commodore 64, The Future of the 64 and 128: Industry Leaders' Forecasts, A Guide to Commodore User Groups: Part 1, Review: Airborne Ranger, Review: Sub Battle Simulator, Review: Chernobyl, Review: Amnesia, Trap, Treasure Diver, BASIC for Beginners, Machine Language Programming: Formatting Text, Power BASIC: Fast Hi-Res Screen Dump, Mob Maker, 1541 Speed and Alignment Tester, 128 Math Graphics, Periscope: A Disk Editor for the 1...
Keywords: commodore; disk; program; color; users; computer; sprite; data; ctrl; screen; users croup; math graphics; disk drive; commodore computer; commodore users; users group; mob maker; commodore user; machine language; relative file
Downloads: 3,315
[texts]Reference Series Volume 9 Issue 2 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 3,244
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 78 (Holiday Gift Guide)

Keywords: program; lda; data; atari; text; sta; disk; jsr; computing; dialog box; source code; jsr putc; analog computing; assembly language; gfa basic; computing feature; title screen; hard disk
Downloads: 3,200
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 18 Number 12: Advanced Graphics

Keywords: windows; software; inquiry; ibm; graphics; data; byte; color; microsoft; byte november; hard drive; registered trademarks; local bus; inquiry card; ide hard; hard disk; lan server; operating system
Downloads: 3,166
[texts]Smart Computing Volume 15 Issue 8 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 3,022
[texts]Compute! Gazette Issue 38
Compute! Gazette Volume 4 Number 8. The C64: A New Look for an Old Friend, An Introduction to Assemblers for the Commodore 64 and 128, Programming the Z80, Review: Golden Oldies -- Vol. 1, Review: RadarBASIC 50K, Review: Lords of Conquest, Review: Garry Kitchen's GameMaker, Review: Cantus -- The Music Improvisor, Slots, Chopper 1, Pirate Cove, Address Cataloger, Computing For Families: Computers and the AudioVisual Imagination, Expandable Graphics Dump, Machine Language For Beginners: Turning a ...
Keywords: data; commodore; program; print; programs; gazette; turbodisk; disk; computer; software; flight simulator; machine language; commodore users; disk drive; starting address; toll free; gazette august
Downloads: 2,868
[texts]Smart Computing Volume 18 Issue 6 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 2,846
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine June 1982

Keywords: program; disk; model; data; basic; computer; iii; programs; software; color; model iii; program listing; radio shack; color computer; machine language; disk drives; disk drive; data base; double density; basic program
Downloads: 2,842
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine March 1986

Keywords: disk; data; program; model; tandy; color; software; basic; computer; file; radio shack; data base; disk drive; color computer; hard drive; program listing; model iii; word processor
Downloads: 2,820
[texts]Amiga Format Magazine Issue 068

Keywords: amiga; disk; disks; ram; aga; posoft; software; games; amga; amos; hard drive; amiga format; amiga posoft; posoft amiga; cum cum; amiga pos; pos amiga; hard drives; fun school; amga posof
Downloads: 2,771
[texts]Amiga Computing Magazine Issue 041

Keywords: amiga; disk; erm; software; ram; disks; commodore; midi; sound; amiga computing; hard drive; public domain; hard disk; disk drive; prices include; include vat; high quality; fun school; sound quality
Downloads: 2,758 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 16 Number 01: 1990 BYTE Award of Excellence
Byte Magazine Volume 16 Issue 01: 1990 BYTE Award of Excellence
Keywords: software; systems; data; vga; system; disk; graphics; ibm; hard disk; hard drive; operating system; disk drive; expert systems; source code
Downloads: 2,752
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 131
Compute! Issue 131 - July 1991. Alex Randall's Used Computer Handbook (book reviews) - Artbeats full page images (desktop publishing graphics software) (evaluation) - Brooktrout Fax-Mail 96 (PC internal fax) (evaluation) - Complete Laptop Computer Guide (book reviews) - CorelDRAW! (graphics software) (evaluation) - Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers On the Computer Frontier (book reviews) - Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (game software) (evaluation) - Frecom Fax96 (evaluation) - Future Classics Collec...
Keywords: compute; program; disk; software; rll; computer; fax; ibm; scsi; programs; compute july; scsi rll; hard disk; esdi rll; hard drive; sales tax; money order
Downloads: 2,742
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine August 1982

Keywords: program; model; disk; computer; iii; data; color; software; print; game; model iii; program listing; color computer; radio shack; machine language; disk drives; disk drive; residents add; toll free
Downloads: 2,730
[texts]Compute! Gazette Issue 06
Compute! Gazette Volume 1 Number 6. A Survival Guide For Beginners, Telecommuting: Dawn Of The Electronic Cottage, The Inner World Of Computers- Part 2: Why Computers Are Logical, Getting Started With A Disk Drive- Part 2: First Steps, MLX: Machine Language Entry Program For Commodore 64, Inside View: John Doering- The Programmer Behind Pipes, Spike: All-Machine-Language Game For Commodore 64, Space Duel, Bowling Champ, Saucer Shooter For VIC-20, Review: VIC/64 Rabbit, Review: Busicalc For VIC A...
Keywords: commodore; program; disk; computer; programs; machine language; data; software; data base; disk drive; residents add; toll free; custom characters; word processor; gazette december; return srem; money order
Downloads: 2,695
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine December 1984

Keywords: model; program; disk; software; iii; programs; print; data; printer; basic; model iii; radio shack; disk drives; data base; toll free; hard disk; color computer; disk drive; word processor
Downloads: 2,686
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 139
Compute! Issue 139 - April 1992. Access and security: freedom of information (includes related product list) - Ami Pro 2.0 (word processing software) (Evaluation) - Artificial musician (Musical Instrument Digital Interface, Artificially Intelligent Computer Performer) (Column) - DATALUX ML LCD monitor (Evaluation) - Don't go home without it (merchant cards for home-based businesses) - Easier Windows programming (Column) (Evaluation) - Editorial license (changes made to Compute magazine) (Editori...
Keywords: ibm; computer; disk; software; ing; compute; commodore; program; reader; disk drive; vga; reader service; circle reader; service number; compute april; ibm ibm; sound blaster; hard drive; super vga; hard disk
Downloads: 2,625
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine September 1982

Keywords: program; disk; model; color; print; basic; computer; data; programs; printer; radio shack; model iii; program listing; color computer; word processing; color print; machine language; disk drives; operating system; disk drive
Downloads: 2,622
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 08 Number 12 - Easy Software
Columns p.36 Keep Power-Line Pollution Out of Your Computer [author Steve Ciarcia] When lightning struck his home and did $3000 worth of damage, Ciarcia decided to strike back with this month's Circuit Cellar project p.48 BYTE West Coast: Microsoft Windows [author Phil Lemmons] Microsoft Windows lets you test the effectiveness of the desktop metaphor and the mouse. p.59 User's Column: Buddy, Can You Spare a Door Latch? [author Jerry Pournelle] What to do when your disk-drive door is on the fritz...
Keywords: software; disk; computer; ibm; data; byte; inquiry; program; apple; byte december; byte publications; hard disk; registered trademark; disk drive; disk drives; personal computer; operating system; toll free; word processing
Downloads: 2,610
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine May 1983

Keywords: disk; model; program; data; printer; print; color; basic; iii; software; radio shack; model iii; color computer; program listing; dot matrix; disk drives; toll free; print head; machine language; call poke
Downloads: 2,608
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 16 Number 03: Network Management
Byte Magazine Volume 16 Issue 03: Network Management
Keywords: software; network; data; disk; byte; windows; dos; ibm; hard disk; inquiry card; network management; disk drive; hard drive; floppy disk; token ring; source code; operating system
Downloads: 2,553
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 009
Compute! Issue 9 - February 1981. The Editor's Notes - Beginner's Guide To COMPUTE! - The Reader's Feedback - Writing For COMPUTE! - Business Applications Analysis: The Missing Step - LED . A Line-Oriented Text Editor - Review: The Atari 825 Printer - Simulated PRINT USING - The Mysterious And Unpredictable RND Part 2 - Stat Lab - A BCD To Floating-Point Binary Routine - Basic Math For Fun And Profit - PET Spelling Lessons Your Students Can Prepare - List Apple Integer Basic Programs One Page At...
Keywords: program; disk; pet; software; atari; print; basic; programs; apple; machine language; basic program; operating system; machine code; real time; power supply; dot spaces; character set; disk drive; decimal point
Downloads: 2,522
[texts]Computer Power User Volume 5 Issue 5 - Sandhills Publishing

Keywords: linux; cpu; software; intel; windows; xandros; web; file; desktop; install; hard drive; intel pentium; absolutely worthless; absolutely perfect; absolutely average; web site; text editor; deluxe edition; william van; van winkle
Downloads: 2,511
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 010
Compute! Issue 10 - March 1981. The Editor's Notes Software Copying Revisited - A Beginner's Guide to Compute! - A 6502 Version of the Winter Consumer Electronics Show: January '81 - The Beginner's Page - Computers and Society - Taking the Plunge-Machine Language Programming for Beginners - Computer Communications Experiments - Basics of Light Pen Operation - Getting the Most from your Pet Cassette Deck - The Mysterious and Unpredictable RND Part 3 - A CAI Program Called Linear Equation - Hex Co...
Keywords: program; data; software; disk; rem; atari; pet; computer; basic; programs; machine language; data bus; addr bus; light pen; rem rem; garbage collection; operating system; addh bus; basic program; commodore business
Downloads: 2,472
[texts]Amiga Computing Magazine Issue 073

Keywords: amiga; disks; disk; ram; ttie; games; software; emc; hard drive; video; image processing; credit card; emc volume; fonts maker; amiga computing; personal fonts; high quality; hard drives; ryder cup
Downloads: 2,456
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2009-10 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 2,448
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2009-03 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 2,430
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 141
Compute! Issue 141 - June 1992. 15 tips from the pros (includes related article on speeding up Windows graphics) (Compute's Getting Started with Desktop Graphics ) - AcerAnyWare 1120NX (notebook computer) (Evaluation) - Avery Personal Label Printer (Evaluation) - Avoid the boot-up blues (bootable floppy disks) (Column) - Conan the Cimmerian (computer adventure game) (Evaluation) - Desktop Publishing by Design, Ventura Publisher Edition (book reviews) - DiscXchange (hard drive) (Evaluation) - DR ...
Keywords: disk; software; program; compute; dos; ibm; file; computer; compute june; hard drive; sound blaster; hard disk; sprint iii; machine language; test lab
Downloads: 2,401
[texts]Amiga World Magazine (January 1992)

Keywords: amiga; software; video; ram; animation; programs; program; disk; hard drive; scsi; customer service; video toaster; hard drives; gold disk; disk drive; video blender; desktop video
Downloads: 2,390
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine January 1981

Keywords: program; disk; basic; data; software; programs; computer; model; color; byte; radio shack; program listing; machine language; disk drive; basic program; double density; residents add; assembly language; disk basic
Downloads: 2,385
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2007-10 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 2,384
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 156
Compute! Issue 156 - September 1993. Air Bucks version 1.2 (Impressions airline simulation game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - BestBooks (Teleware's integrated accounting software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - COMDEX highlights (spring 1993 computer show in Atlanta, Georgia) - Compaq Prolinea 4/50 (Compaq Computer microcomputer) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation) - Computer, status report (voice recognition software) (Multimedia PC) (Column) - Creepers (Psygnosis computer game) (Software Revi...
Keywords: program; color; disk; compute; software; shareware; computer; programs; compute september; hard drive; sound blaster; desktop publishing; machine language; test lab; sound card
Downloads: 2,375
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 04 Number 10 - Genealogy (RESCAN)
Foreground p.22 TRACING YOUR OWN ROOTS [author Stan W Merrill] Genealogical research with a microcomputer p.48 POWER HELPS ANALYZE ELECTRIC BILLS [author Karen S Wolfe] Determine power usage from appliance ratings p.58 SELF-REFRESHING LED GRAPHICS DISPLAY [author Steve Ciarcia] Add a digital display to your computer system p.124 INTERFACING THE S-100 BUS WITH THE INTEL 8255 [author David L Condra] Design advice for the person starting out in hardware p.140 THE XYZ PHENOMENON: Stereoscopic Plotti...
Keywords: computer; disk; data; byte; software; program; print; october; byte publications; radio shack; byte october; floppy disk; power supply; north star; assembly language; residents add; operating system; disk drive
Downloads: 2,350
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 11 Number 10: Public Domain Powerhouses
Byte Magazine Volume 11 Issue 10: Public Domain Powerhouses
Keywords: ibm; disk; software; program; byte; data; graphics; color; ram; hard disk; floppy disk; power supply; disk drive; source code; serial port; operating system; disk drives; international business
Downloads: 2,347
[texts]Thinkdigit Magazine 2005-10 - Jasubhai Digital Media

Keywords: Thinkdigit Magazine; digit magazine
Downloads: 2,345
[texts]Amiga World Magazine (December 1988)

Keywords: software; amiga; disk; arcade; program; adventure; graphics; color; electronic arts; midi; sound quest; unicorn software; true basic; amiga basic; mail order; desktop publishing; pro video; queue queue
Downloads: 2,329
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine January 1984

Keywords: model; program; disk; iii; data; computer; software; printer; basic; color; model iii; radio shack; disk drives; color computer; toll free; program listing; hard disk; basic program; double density; disk drive
Downloads: 2,295
[texts]Smart Computing Volume 22 Issue 5 - Sandhills Publishing

Downloads: 2,289
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine 1983 Special Edition

Keywords: program; disk; data; color computer; computer; model; basic; print; iii; mod iii; users group; color; listing; disk drive; tape mod; disk drives; machine language; model iii; radio shack; program listing
Downloads: 2,283
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